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Brian O. Goertz, MD


Hair Transplant Seattle
11007 Slater Avenue NE
Kirkland, WA
United States
Phone: (888) 642-4247
Diplomate - ABHRS
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Dr. Goertz is the founder of Hair Transplant Seattle. Dr. Goertz’s practice is exclusively limited to hair restoration. He has found in his experience that majority of the patients he sees with significant hair loss would prefer to have only one procedure. To accommodate this He performs large sessions (Megasessions) of up to 3000 follicular units of approximately 6900 hairs. He and his staff strive to make these large sessions as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. The majority of the procedures they perform are these larger cases.

He creates hairlines that are variegated (irregular) to try and achieve results for his patients that mimic nature. In the frontal hairline he uses only single hair follicular units to create softness and naturalness. Angle and depth of graft placement are also important in his opinion for natural results.

Dr. Goertz also encourages all his patients to utilize medical and natural therapies in addition to or in place of hair transplantation. He counsels all his patients on diet not only for their “hair health” but also “their general well being and longevity”. He encourages patients to see their personal physicians regularly for their general health. Many patients benefit from both Finasteride (Propecia) and Minoxidil (Rogaine) and may even delay the need for hair transplantation.

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MD University of Saskatchewan 1979

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AMA American Medical Association
WSMA Washington State Medical Association