ISHRS Pro Bono Hair Restoration Foundation

Hair loss can have far reaching effects on a person's sense of self image and self esteem. When the loss of hair occurs because of disease or trauma the factors associated with such a hair loss process may produce particularly profound effect.

Recognizing that many of these people in the process of physical and emotional recovery may lack the resources for corrective hair restoration surgery, the ISHRS Pro Bono Foundation is proud to announce OPERATION RESTORE.

This program matches prospective hair loss patients with volunteer ISHRS physicians to obtain hair restoration services to help restore the physical and emotional wellness of the individual. The foundation will provide financial, travel, lodging, and medical assistance to eligible patients. The ISHRS Pro Bono Program was also featured in Association Forum Magazine.

Since 2004, the ISHRS Operation Restore program has donated almost $600,000 providing more than 75 surgeries to patients in need.

Operation Restore Case Studies

Operation Restore Press Releases


Please see the links below for the current application process.


  • Opportunities to donate
  • Friends of Operation Restore
  • Individual Donors
  • The ISHRS gratefully acknowledges the generosity of the following individuals who have made donations, either monetarily and/or with their surgical and medical services, to Operation Restore.

  • Michael Akkashian, MD
  • Jennifer Alexander, MBBS
  • James Arnold, MD
  • Bernardino A. Arocha, MD
  • Alan J. Bauman, MD
  • Michael L. Beehner, MD
  • David A. Berman, MD
  • Victoria Ceh, MPA
  • Glen Charles, DO
  • Jerry E. Cooley, MD
  • Paul C. Cotterill, MD
  • Marcio Crisostomo, MD
  • Mark S. Di Stefano, MD
  • Edwin S. Epstein, MD
  • Jeffrey S. Epstein, MD
  • Bessam K. Farjo, MBChB
  • Nilofer Farjo, MBChB
  • Cary Feldman, MD
  • Brian O. Goertz, MD
  • Robert S. Haber, MD
  • Kenneth E. Harper, MD
  • James A. Harris, MD
  • Takeshi T. Hirayama, MD, PhD
  • Sungjoo "Tommy" Hwang, MD, PhD
  • Robert Glyn Jones, MD
  • Jae Heon Jung, MD
  • Joseph Karamikian, DO
  • A. Arthur Katona, MD
  • Jung Chul Kim, MD
  • Yung-Joon Kim, MD
  • Russell Knudsen, MBBS
  • Jerzy Kolasinski, MD, PhD
  • Margorzata Kolenda, MD, PhD
  • Matt L. Leavitt, DO
  • Robert T. Leonard, Jr., DO
  • Bobby Limmer, MD
  • Bradley L. Limmer, MD
  • Jose Lorenzo, MD
  • David Magwenjere, MBBS
  • E. Antonio Mangubat, MD
  • Maritess P. Mauricio, MD
  • Melvin L. Mayer, MD
  • Paul McAndrews, MD
  • Daniel McGrath, MD
  • Parsa Mohebi, MD
  • Robert Niedbalski, DO
  • Jae Pak, MD
  • Luis A. Ortega, MD
  • William M. Parsley, MD
  • David Perez-Meza, MD
  • Marcelo Pitchon, MD
  • Gregory A. Pistone, MD
  • Carlos J. Puig, DO
  • Robert J. Reese, MD
  • Rene Rodriguez, MD
  • Paul T. Rose, MD, JD
  • Marla Ross, MD
  • Daniel E. Rousso, MD
  • Tony Ruston, MD
  • Satya Kumar Saraswat, MBBS
  • Marie Schambach, MD
  • Jeffrey Schreiber, MD
  • Asim I. Shahmalak, MBBS, FRCS
  • Ronald L. Shapiro, MD
  • Paul M. Straub, MD
  • Robert H. True, MD
  • Akaki Tsilosani, MD
  • Martin G. Unger, MD
  • Robin Unger, MD
  • Walter P. Unger, MD
  • Panagiotis Venetsanos, MD
  • Alberto Vizcaino, MD
  • Michael W. Vories, MD
  • Robert A. Wadden, MD
  • Franklin Weinstein, MD
  • William J. Woessner, MD
  • Craig Ziering, DO
  • Douglas J. Zinni, DO
  • Michael Zufelt, DO

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The Operation Restore logo is available for volunteer and donor use.

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