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Im confused

Hi everyone,

I am really confused, I wanted to have a FUE or strip procedure about 2 years ago and went to see three different Dr's to discuss. The ones i went to see where hand picked after doing my own research which of course was not a scientific way but more of a gut feeling after reading reviews and understanding there backgrounds.


The bit i was confused about was the fact that the opinions differed so vastly that it put me in a position that i just could not decide what to do. I have opinions ranging from 2000 - 4000 grafts. Thats too big a difference to me, now I am at the point where I want to again explore this but how do I know what is right and what is good for me and what is not?

Any help would be much appreciated...


Genetic factors, especially

Genetic factors, especially among the cause of hair loss that affects men. Men are genetically more prone to hair loss. However, women are affected.
Unbalanced and inadequate diet shows the effect of hair loss. In need of vitamins and minerals can not get enough hair, weakened by broken and spilled.
Stress is a very effective hair loss. Long duration of this process as well, further increasing the effect of hair loss.
Used for hair care shampoo, hair products such as hair cream in the form of hair loss may not be appropriate.

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