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Hypoglycemia in non diabetic case during hair transplantation

I did FUE for a case who said that he got  hypoglycemia intermittently from any exertion , his fasting blood sugar was at lower normal range, during procedure he experienced nausia , and he was asking for a food, again I checked random blood sugar, again was at low level. I gave him glucose fluid

i advised him to take a rest , then he developed head ache , sweating, vomiting . 

We have to be caution about these cases, I mean if wasnot aware of his history of hypoglycemia , might he got sever complications,

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Low blood sugar case in hair transplantation

Please make sure to check blood sugar at morning of surgery, because there is what called hypoglycemia in non diabetes patient 

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Before surgery morning check

Before surgery morning check blood surgar is normal during surgery no hypoglycemia and Thanks Mr. Rizgar  Azatkhan sharing wonderful information.

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