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Pantelaios I. Valvis, MD


Plastic Surgeon
Kountouriotou 127 Piraeus
Phone: 30-210-4226070
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Informational Paragraph: 

Dr. Valvis Plastic Surgeon works in hair transplantation 24 years (from 1993) and he is performing thousand of hair transplants with the FUT via STRIP technique .

The last 10 years he is performing also the FUE technique with manual or motorised method.

The last 7 years he is performing also Micro Strip Technique. This technique is created by the poor results in density of FUE technique, and is something intermediate between FUT (Strip) and  FUE technique. Small incisions are made at various levels in the donor area that create small linear scars at different levels and not a continuous longitudinal scar.

He has taken part in conferences in Greece and abroad, presenting his research as a plastic surgeon specializing in hair transplantation, such as: "A major stage in hair microtransplantation in extensive thinning with a rich donor site".

He is Head of Plastic Surgery at Metropolitan Hospital Athens.

He also collaborate on hair transplantation with Athens Beverly-Hills Medical Center,  LASER touch Medical Center, Kapositas Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon, REA Obstetric and Gynecology Hospital, San Donato Clinic of Milan and Persona Aesthetic Clinic of Malta .



Education, ISHRS Fellowship Training Programs, & Board Certifications: 

He completed his studies at the School of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Rome-Italy.

Received the specialty of plastic surgery in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Clinic of Metaxas Anticancer Hospital - Greece.

Memberships & Affiliations: 

• Hellenic Society for Hair Transplantation 2009
• Vip Hair Clinic 2006

• International Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (IPRS)
• The Hellenic Association of Plastic Aesthetics and Reconstructive Surgery 1992 (IPRAS)
• The Hellenic Laser Company 1992
• Member of the European School of Oncology 1990
• The Greek Society of Surgical Oncology 1988

Publications & Presentations: 

"Mega Stage in Hair Transplantation: 2500 micrografts in one session", 45th

      National Congress of Italian Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic  

      Surgery Perugia - Italy, October 1996


2)"Particular Technique in Suturing After Hair Loss Reduction", 45th National

    Congress of Italian Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery,   

    Perugia - Italy, October 1996


3) "Mega session of Hair Transplantation: The Best Technique for Baldness

    Restoration", 20th Hellenic Surgical Congress, November 1996


4) "Mega session of Micro-mini Hair Transplantation in an Extensive Baldness  

        and a Rich Donor Site", 8th Congress of the European Section of IPRAS,  

        International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Portugal, June 1997

5) "Megasession of Total Hair Transplantation" Personal Technique, 3rd Hellenic

    Congress of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery November 1997

6)"Microtransplantation of Hair in Patients with Extensive Baldness and Rich

      Donor Belt", Trimestine Journal of Cosmetic Surgery, 22nd Year, 1st Number,

      January-March 1999

7)"Hair Transplantation: An Ideal Technique or an Ideal Comparison", 7th Hellenic

     Congress of Dermatology, June 1999


8) F. Tarantino, I. Gouras, P. Valvis, A. Ghionis, G. Maggio: Micro-Mini Graft

       follicles in baldness therapy. Sal. Doctor 8/9: 38-42, 2000.

9) F. Tarantino, I. Gouras, P. Valvis, A. Ghionis: The aesthetic damage from

        transplantation of hair. Congress Act S.I.D.C.O. 1: 131-132, 2001.

10) F. Tarantino, G. Alessandrini, I. Gouras, P. Valvis: Correction of unwanted

        effects from hair transplantation. Acts Congress A.I.D.A. 1: 153-154, 2002.

11) F. Tarantino, I. Gouras, P. Valvis: Correction of errors in the surgical

        treatment of alopecia. Acts Congress S.I.D.E.V. 1: 80-81, 2002.

Procedures Performed

Beards and Moustaches
Brow lifting
Burned scalp reconstruction
Facelift hair revision
Female hair restoration surgery
Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)
Mini-graft transplantation
Scalp flaps
Scar revision