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Patricia Cahuzac, MD, FISHRS


35 avenue de Breteuil
Phone: 33-1-56-520101
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Docteur Patricia Cahuzac is a medical doctor qualified in dermatology. Along with her highly trained staff she has exclusively practised Hair Transplant surgery for the last 16 years in a clinic devoted to this in the very centre of Paris near the Champs ElysŽes. She is a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery as well as the Institute of Trichologists in London.

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Member of the Institute of Trichologists in London

Publications & Presentations: 

Chicago 2002,10th Annual Scientific Meeting:
Oral presentation: Raising photographic standards
Poster:The width of cutting instruments for recipient sites as measured with Micrometers

New York 2003, 11th Annual Scientific Meeting:
Oral presentation:comparing growth of 2 hair grafts in recipient sites made with Sharp point 15¡,18G and 19G needles.
Workshop: Raising photographic standards

Vancouver 2004, 12th Annual Scientific Meeting:
Oral presentation: Hair Shaft Diameter: comparative measurements using Micrometers and Image Analysis.