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Herbert S. Feinberg, MD


Dermatology Center
363 Grand Avenue
Englewood , NJ
United States
Phone: (201) 568-6977
Fax: (201) 568-7567
New Jersey US
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The hair transplant process should be as exciting for the physician as it is for the patient. For over twenty-five years, I, along with my staff, who have over fifty years of combined experience, have been performing hair transplants on a regular basis. We were there when "plugs" were the only option available, and we are here today using the latest state-of -the-art microscopic dissection of follicles providing quality transplants that have never been better.  I was proud to be associated with many of the pioneers of hair transplanting. I am as proud today to be able to apply the newest technology along with an artistic sense of how transplants can enhance one’s appearance and change one’s outlook on life.  For more information about my staff, my office facilities and me, please use the link to my Website at I look forward to your visit there or at my office in the northern New Jersey-New York City area.