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Walter Krugluger, MD


Moser Medical Group kosm. Haarchirurgie GmbH
Loefflergasse 14
Phone: 43-1-879-6000
Fax: 43-1-879-9090
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Head of research at the Moser Medical Group.

Legally confirmed specialist for medical-chemical laboratory diagnostics

The 13th World Congress of the ISHRS in Sydney 2005: Moser Medical Group is given the Platinum Follicle Award

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Medicine Studies at the University of Vienna Dissertation at the Institute for general and special pathology State doctorate in the subject general and experimental pathology (now called pathophysiology)

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Member ot the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery

Publications & Presentations: 

Krugluger W, Moser K, Hugeneck J, Laciak K, Moser C. New storage buffers for micrografts enhance graft survival and clinical outcome in hair restoration surgery. Hair Transplant Forum Int 13 :325-343, 2003

Krugluger W. Future perspectives of hair follicle storage media. Hair Transplant Forum Int 13 : 396, 2003

Krugluger W, Moser K, Moser C, Laciak K, Hugeneck J. Enhancement of in vitro hair shaft elongation in follicles stored in buffers which prevent follicle cell apoptosis. Dermatol Surg 30 :1-5, 2004

Krugluger W. Cell therapy of hair loss: The need of in vitro test systems to evaluate follicle formation. Hair Transplant Forum Int 14 : 7-8, 2004

Krugluger W. Wound healing at the recipient area: influence on graft homeostastis? Hair Transplant Forum Int 14 : 229, 2004

Krugluger W, Rohrbacher W, Moser K, Moser C, Laciak K, Hugeneck J. Induction of vascular-endothelial growth factor (VEGF)-mRNA expression in stored micrografts by aminoguanidine. Dermatol Surg 2005

Krugluger W, Rohrbacher W, Moser K, Moser C, Laciak K, Hugeneck J. Reorganisation of hair follicles in human skin organ culture induced by cultured human follicle-derived cells. Exp Dermatol 2005