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About Dr. Meshkin

Dr. Michael A. Meshkin specializes in hair restoration surgery with more than 25 years of experience. He is honored to be among the first 30 physicians worldwide to be certified and one of the first doctors in the world to meet all of the high standards, requirements, and qualifications to become a Diplomat of American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS). He is the president and founder of Cosmetic Hair Restoration Surgery Institute, which is one of the finest hair restora­tion surgery and hair loss treatment centers in the country. Dr. Meshkin is also one of the active members of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), the largest hair restoration surgery organization in the world. He has been recommended by the Hair Transplant Network as one of the best hair restoration surgeons in the world.

 Dr. Meshkin’s passion and dedication to the art of hair restoration surgery began in 1979 while attending UCLA. He was doing volunteer work at a local plastic surgery clinic, which oc­casionally performed hair transplant procedures. It fascinated him that with a minor surgical proce­dure, people suffering from hair loss could regain their hair thereby changing their entire self-image and outlook on life. Dr. Meshkin decided to pursue his career in the field of hair restoration surgery and aid in the perfection of the technique. He joined American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery dur­ing which time he was trained by various pioneers in the field of hair restoration surgery. He was trained for three years learning about all aspects of hair restoration surgery including: scalp reduction, flap surgery, scalp lifting, scalp expansion, scalp extension, hair transplantation and reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Meshkin’s Innovative Methods and Artistary

As a medical doctor for over 25 years, Dr. Meshkin has traveled the world in search of the best treatments and techniques in hair restoration. The field of hair restoration has evolved drastically with the emergence of advanced technologies that produce more natural appearances. Now, with the use of new state of the art techniques, as skilled surgeon and an artist, he can perform hair transplants that are almost indistinguishable from ones normal hair.   Dr. Meshkin comes from an artistic background that extends over several generations. His artistic background and extensive surgical skills together gives him a better understanding of the hairline design and creation of natural results.

Dr. Meshkin is the innovator of the Microslit grafting method, which was one of the revolutionary advancements in the field of hair restoration surgery leading to Megasessions and ultimately Ultra Refined Hair Transplant Technique today. This sophisticated method of restoring natural growing hair was introduced by Dr. Meshkin in 1989.  Dr. Meshkin’s technique has been broadly described and accepted in authoritative medical journals and textbooks. Dr. Meshkin is regularly invited to lecture on hair restoration surgery at highly recognized symposiums and teaching seminars. Furthermore, he has been interviewed numerous times by national and in­ternational television stations, radios, and magazines to share his expertise on the latest hair transplant techniques.

Meshkin Legacy

A comprehensive approach to hair loss is what makes Dr. Meshkin unique.

Dr. Meshkin’s private practice has been dedicated exclusively to hair restoration for more than twenty years.  As one of the original hair restoration surgeons, he has committed himself to the advancement of hair transplant in both men and women.  He has stayed active in the field through ongoing education and research and has incorporated these advancements into his practice.  He is constantly looking for new techniques and innovations for the benefit of his patients.  He believes strongly that his clients deserve his personal attention and care.  Each treatment is customized to the patient’s needs and concerns.  He presents his patients with all the viable treatment options, including non- surgical therapies, such as medical treatment, cell therapy and laser if appropriate. During his initial consultation with each client, he gives a comprehensive diagnostic and treatment plan that suits that patient.  He offers hair transplant consultations free of charge.

Memberships & Affiliations: 

Past and Present Professional Affiliations

Founder and President of Cosmetic Hair Restoration Surgery Institute

American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery

International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery

American Society of Hair Restoration Surgery

American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

American Academy of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery

American Academy of Facial and Reconstructive Plastic surgery

American Medical Association

American Society of Dermatologic Surgery

Medical Board of California

Hair Transplant Network

Publications & Presentations: 

Faculty Member/Presenter/Participant

Annual World Congress of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) from 1993- present

Faculty member and teacher at the annual course of live scalp surgery , scalp-lifting, circumferen­tial scalp reduction, scalp extension and hair transplantation. Sponsored by American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, American Society of Hair Restoration Surgery in conjunction with the Univer­sity of Pittsburgh Medical Center, 1993-1995

Study in the global convocation on Hair Restoration Surgery, American Academy of Cosmetic surgery and American Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, 1997- 1998

Annual Live Surgery Workshop in Orlando, Florida, Sponsored by ISHRS and World Hair



Published a Chapter on Microslit Grafting in the first edition of Hair Transplant text Book by Dow Stough, M.D.

The Art of Hair Restoration Surgery

Published about his technique and innovations at the Journal of Dermatologic surgery, Journal of Academy of Cosmetic surgery, and Hair Transplant forum. His technique was used as a reference in numerous articles and the fourth edition of Hair transplantation text Book by Doctor Unger and Doctor Shapiro

Speeches and attendance at National and International Meetings

International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery 1st annual meeting in Dallas 1993. Single hair grafting , Nokor Microslit Technique.

AACS/ ASHRS/ University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Live Surgery course, Scalp and Hair Restoration Surgery. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 1993.

 American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, 10th annual scientific meeting. Los Angeles, California, 1994. New tools Used for micrografting technique.

AACS/ ASHRS/ University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Live Scalp and Hair Restoration Surgery course. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 1994.

International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, Second annual world congress 1994 Toronto, Canada. Micrografting Technique.

American Society of Hair Restoration Surgery/ American Academy of cosmetic Surgery, 11th annual scientific meeting, 1995 innovations and complications in cosmetic surgery ,1995. Utilization of NOKOR microslit grafting technique.

AACS/ ASHRS/ University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Live Scalp and Hair Restoration Surgery, Pittsburgh, Pensylvania.1995.

American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, 13th annual scientific meeting, Standardization of tools for micrografting technique. Rancho Mirage, California .1997. 

International Society of Hair restoration Surgery Annual World congress 1993 to current.