Hair Restoration Technique Updates Name

Practical Dermatology featured the ISHRS updated terminology for the hair transplantation method known as FUE from Follicular Unit Extraction to Follicular Unit Excision.

ISHRS Updates FUE Technique Name

The ISHRS was mentioned by Modern Aesthetics in regards to the Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) name change.

Hair Restoration Technique Updates Name to Reflect Surgical Nature of Procedure

The ISHRS was featured in an exclusive article by DermWire to discuss the Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) name change.

DermWireTV: ABD Eyes Mohs Certification, Sun's Ilumya Approved, FUE Update

The ISHRS was featured in the March 2018 broadcast of DermWire TV to discuss the Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) name change.


El "boom" del implante capilar

ISHRS member David Perez-Meza MD, FISHRS was interviewed and quoted in the Mexican newspaper El Universal. ISHRS was included as a leading source of information.


Falling Follicles

The ISHRS and Drs. Bessam Farjo and Vincenzo Gambino are featured in the March European Edition of Reader’s Digest.


Unlicensed Personnel Perform Hair Transplantation Surgery

The ISHRS's recent consumer alert campiagn caught the attention of


The Truth About How Many People Are Getting Hair Transplants

In this article, the ISHRS's 2015 data practice results and infographic are referenced with regard to the increasing number of hair transplants.


  ISHRS in The Independent

Bill Gates: Why do we care more about baldness than malaria?

ISHRS' Dr. Bob Leonard is quoted in The Independent UK.

ISHRS in the Wall Street Journal

ISHRS Research Featured in Recent Wall Street Journal Story

The ISHRS was featured in the September 2012 article, "The Search for a Baldness Cure"

ISHRS in USA Today

ISHRS Meeting Makes National Headlines

The latest research in the field of hair restoration was featured in USA Today on October 9, 2007. Reporter Steve Friess covered the annual meeting and reported on futuristic scalp transplants that could one day be a viable option for those experiencing hair loss, as well as the increasing number of men - and women - seeking hair transplants around the world.

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