ISHRS articles are meant to educate persons suffering from hair loss about the possible causes and treatment options available.

Rational Thinking About Hair Restoration

Women and Hair Restoration

Surgical Hair Restoration: Hair Transplant Surgery

Surgical Hair Restoration: Alopecia Reduction Surgery

Surgical Hair Restoration: Post-Surgery Expectations & Follow-up

Medical and Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

Research Frontiers in Hair Loss and Hair Restoration

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Who are the people behind the ISHRS Articles? They are experienced physicians who are highly qualified to diagnose and treat hair loss by medical and surgical means. Article content is submitted to physician members of the ISHRS Scientific and Website Committees. Content is prepared under their supervision, and is thoroughly reviewed by them before it is approved for posting on the Web site. All statements regarding causes and treatments of hair loss must be based on documented references in peer-reviewed medical literature. This assures that anything you read on the ISHRS Web site is based on science, not opinion or supposition.

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