Sungjoo (Tommy) Hwang, MD, PhD, FISHRS
Seoul, Korea

Vice President
Arthur Tykocinski, MD, FISHRS
São Paulo, Brazil

Francisco Jimenez, MD, FISHRS
Canary Islands, Spain

Paul J. McAndrews, MD, FISHRS
Pasadena, CA, USA

Immediate Past-President
Ken Washenik, MD, PhD, FISHRS
Beverly Hills, CA, USA

Board of Governors

Jean M. Devroye, MD, FISHRS
Brussels, Belgium

Ludhiana, India

Nilofer P. Farjo, MBChB, FISHRS
Manchester, United Kingdom

James A. Harris, MD, FISHRS
Denver, CO, USA

Melvin L. Mayer, MD, FISHRS
San Diego, CA, USA

Ricardo Mejia, MD
Jupiter, FL, USA

Marcelo Pitchon, MD
Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Robert H. True, MD, MPH, FISHRS
New York, NY, USA

Voting Past Presidents

Sharon Keene, MD, FISHRS
Tuscon, AZ, USA

Paul C. Cotterill, MD, FISHRS
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

ISHRS Administration

Executive Director
Victoria Ceh, MPA, Medical Society Management, Inc.

HQ & Administrative Manager & Registration Manager
Kimberly Miller, Technical Registration Experts, Inc.

Meeting and Exhibits Manager
Jule Uddfolk, CMP, Meeting Management Solutions inc.

Membership Manager & HQ Support
Katie Masini, Technical Registration Experts, Inc.

Program Manager
Melanie Stancampiano, Medical Society Management, Inc.

Project Manager
Sheri Valskis, Medical Society Management, Inc.

Registration Manager
Kimberly Miller, Technical Registration Experts, Inc.

Bookkeeper & HQ Support
Sue Reed, Technical Registration Experts, Inc.

Administrative Assistant
Davin Ayarzagoitia, Technical Registration Experts, Inc..

Database & Technical Support
Jeffrey Miller, Technical Registration Experts, Inc.

Finance, Accounting, Investments
Patrick Melvin, CPA, Desmond & Ahern, Ltd.
Melinda Urbas, CPA, Desmond & Ahern, Ltd.
Carol Cullinan, CPA, Desmond & Ahern, Ltd.- taxes
Steve Weinberg, CPA - auditor
Daniel Pepoon, Merrill Lynch

Managing Editor, Forum & Advertising Sales
Cheryl Duckler, Independent

Integrated Communications Manager/Website
Communication Strategies Group, Inc.:
Candice Warltier (Overall/Primary)
Lynda Baldwin (General)
Beth Stohbusch (PR)
Andy Busalacchi (SEO/Social Media/Web)

PR Consultant
Karen Sideris, K Communications, Inc.

Graphic Design
Dawn Holler Wisher, New Day Creative


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