Hair loss cures and hair loss treatments: an overview

Indian people experiencing hair loss often seek various hair loss cures. Because there are many causes of baldness, cures will vary from patient to patient. However, the most common forms of hair loss treatment available to Indian patients are hair transplantation surgery and medications, including Minoxidil (commonly known as Rogaine), which is available over the counter and applied topically, and Finasteride, taken orally and only available with a prescription.

Another hair loss treatment that has found limited success is laser therapy. This is not a balding cure that works for everyone, but some people have found success using this treatment in medical offices or at home (with laser combs).

Finally, some people take treatment into their own hands, by optimizing their nutrition, which can affect hair loss and leave patients feeling healthier overall. Some individuals will seek miracle cures for hair loss, but these cures are rarely effective and often lead to disappointment.

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