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what is Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplant is a surgical procedure that the hair of the body transfer of the bald area of the head and the donor are of the head transfer the hair to the bald are of the surgical procedure...

Hair Transplant in Pakistan

Most micro-hair transplant

Most micro-hair transplant procedures (individual hair micrograft restorations) use local anesthesia and are performed on an outpatient basis. Other procedures such as flap surgery, require general anesthesia and are performed in a surgical setting. After approximately six weeks, the transplanted hair will fall out and be replaced about three months later when the new hair grows in. To achieve sufficient density, several sessions may be required. Transplantation is a progressive process requiring hundreds of micro-grafts, each of which will generally contain from one to three hairs mini-grafted from a donor site on the side or back of the head. They are randomly implanted in the bald (or thinning) area so that they will grow in a natural pattern and produce an undetectable result.

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FUE Hair Transplant

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a modern technology of Hair Transplant which is quite painless and less invasive than conventional Tech FUT (FOlliculare Unit Transplantation) or Strip Harvest Technique. FUE is being most popular among patients with hair loss and surgeon who deal with hair transplantation. FUE technique can reach to its peak if hair follicles could be developed through cell culture or from stem cells. 

Hair Transplant India, Hair transplant Ludhiana

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Hair Transplant move the hair

Hair Transplant move the hair donor to bald area throug surgical procedure like FUT strip remove donor area of the head painful procedure and FUE hair remove donor area to bald area through surgica painless procedure and reults after few months.

Hair Transplant move hair

Hair Transplant move hair donor site of the head and transplanted bald area through surgical different types of procedures.