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Routine inquiry

Hi, I m just a little bewildered here with respect to what are the fundamental differences of using the modern day methods of FUE or FUT/FUG as opposed to the old school methodolgy using Mini/Micrografting tecnique?

The reason I ask this is I have had 3 prior operations in the early part of 1980's and unfortunately as my picture displays I now are left with a very unnatural hairline as a direct result of the earlier plug grafting at that time/crown area started to thin.. I am in my 50's now, lost hair around 20 due to the effects of a powerful acne drug treatment and it failed to grow back, namely because of the genetic MPB after ceasing the drug therapy.

Would just like to hear from some other Hair Restoration Doctors,   your views as why you would say what is your humble opinons regarding the various options iI listed above.. The negatives verses positives/ vice versa.

Thankyou for your time as you can share.



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Hair loss

You have had side effect of acne medicines that cause hair loss. It is necessary for you to prevent such medications that bring hair loss by their side effects. Read more abotu it http://www.americanhairloss.org/drug_induced_hair_loss/ 

You can take advices of a nearby hair transplant doctor or a dermatologist 


The main cause of your hair loss is genetic.  The acne medication may have accelerarted the loss, however.

The biggest difference between the technique you had many years ago and what is available today is the size of the graft and the distance between them.  Before, we transplanted larger grafts, further apart; today we transplant much smaller grafts, much more closely together.


You should have a consultation with an ISHRS physician member to evaluate your current situation to see if hair restoration can benefit you to make your current results more natural.

Good luck!

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Your hair loss side effects

Your hair loss side effects of the medication and prevent leave the mediction can consult hair trasplant surgeon.

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