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Hair transplant cost in India?

What do you all considre to be the right hair transplant cost in India in comparison with all the national  options. This amount has to be based on general cases. I believe Rs 60,000 is the right range to start with. What do you all think?

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factors deciding the cost of hair transplant
Hair Transplant is a surgical technique of hair restoration using any of the two methods namely FUE and FUT.   The Cost of Hair Transplant depends upon the below factors:   a. Type of procedure i.e. FUE or FUT. Both the methods are having their own significance.   b. Count of the hair follicles needs to be transplanted to the area of hair loss.   c. The total number of sessions required to carry out the procedure that depends upon the number of grafts.   d. The experience of the surgeon and the operating team.   e. State of art infrastructure, facilities, and the location of the clinic.   The Cost of Hair Transplant in India depends upon above factors and vary from patient to patient.