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Desire for hair extensions

Across the globe, an Indian woman makes her way along the southern banks of the Sri Swami Pushkarini River in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, to the gilded temple of Tirupati. Once inside, a barber wets the woman’s hair before weaving it into a braid. He places a band on either side of the braid then slides a razor across her scalp. Within hours, the hair that was an offering to the gods will be shipped to the port city of Chennai, where it will be auctioned to a Chinese export company. Once in China, the hair will be sorted, washed and packaged before it is loaded into shipping containers bound for the shelves of discount beauty shops in the United States.

Human hair extensions


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Hair Extension offer

Hair Extension offer different styles enhance of our face beauty and grooming your personality.


Hair Transplant in Dubai