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18 months post op, going back for 300 grafts, advice on hairline please?

Hi there,

so 18 months ago I got 1000 grafts to my hairline.

now I am going back to get another 300 free of charge as I felt that the hairline was a bit 'sudden' and looks to obvious in some lighting situations, and the front inch or so is too thin

But any extra eyes could help me with this ie: what should I ask for?

I am thinking that the hairline is too straight and the front inch too thin....

please view the album of images and tell me what you think...

thanks for your help!







food suppliments to treat hair loss


certainly there is role of food suppliments in farm of vitamins ,nutrients and amino acids to control hair loss.we at our centre are prescribing vitamins,iron,calcium and aminnoacids along with minoxidil and in male finastride.the quality and density of hair starts inproving within two to three months.we all know,the effect of minoxidil comes after 4 months. our patients are certainly benifited by food suppliments.we also advise lab. test for vitamins and ferritin.

Dr Anil Kumar Garg

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hair transplantation in hyderabad

Hair fall and frequent fall is becoming more apparent these days, distressing the youngsters and adults. This horrendous physical state changes the appearance of the affected person, causing massive destruction to the confidence level.