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Dr. Rose has over 20 years of experience in hair restoration.  Following are some highlight and summaries of his experience and credentials:

Co-developer of Follicular Unit Grafting as well as Follicular Isolation Technique (FIT),

Inventor of the “ledge closure” to minimize the scar in strip harvesting,

Establishment and publication of the natural and aesthetic guidelines of re-creating the hairline for hair restoration patients,

Elected by his peers as President of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS),

Awarded Golden Follicle in 2008,

Author of numerous chapters in medical texts and various journals, and presenter of numerous lectures and demonstrations regarding the surgical techniques of follicular unit grafting around the world,

Dr Rose performs his own consultations and hair restoration procedures. Patients meet directly with Dr. Rose and have the opportunity to have all of their questions answered,

Utilization of microscopes to obtain follicular unit grafts when performing FUT, grafts are trimmed under the microscope for FIT grafts,

A staff consists of a team of hair restoration technicians and nurses with many years of experience,

Potential patients are provided with the names of past patients who have agreed to speak with people considering the procedure,

Dr Rose performs only one hair transplant case a day, unless small cases involved. This allows him and his team to maintain the highest commitment to quality,

Most importantly, Dr Rose is committed to his patients and ensuring the results you seeks to attain.

Education, ISHRS Fellowship Training Programs, & Board Certifications: 

Board Certification:
American Board of Dermatology, 1988

Dr. Rose attended the State University of New York Downstate Medical Center and received his MD degree. While at Downstate Medical Center he did research on T and B cell homing mechanisms. He was selected for an elective at the National Institutes of Health, and a research elective in the Department of Allergy and Immunology at an affiliate of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.
After medical school Dr. Rose completed an internship in internal medicine at the University of Connecticut Medical Center. He later completed a residency in Dermatology at Temple University Skin and Cancer Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1988. Dr. Rose began his hair replacement training and hands on experience during his residency. Subsequently, Dr. Rose entered private practice in Dermatology, establishing his own practice in 1991 in Florida. He has been particularly recognized for his work in hair replacement surgery, liposuction and laser surgery. Dr. Rose has served on the teaching faculty of the University of South Florida, Dermatology Section.

Dr. Rose has treated many patients from all five continents. Over the years he has presented numerous lectures around the world and has demonstrated the surgical techniques of follicular unit grafting. He has written a chapter on scalp surgery in the dermatology textbook titled Principles and Techniques of Cutaneous Surgery. He has written various articles regarding hair replacement and he has had a particular interest in studying the factors that contribute to establishing the most natural hairline appearance.

Dr. Rose along with several other physicians such as Bob Limmer, Ron Shapiro, Bill Rassman, David Seager, Carlos Uebell and John Cole helped develop the concepts and techniques of "mega session" grafting and follicular unit transplantation. Most recently Dr. Rose contributed to several chapters of the latest edition of the textbook Hair Transplantation.

As part of his ongoing interest in contributing to the field of hair replacement, Dr. Rose has served as the Director of the Beginner's Course for the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and in 2000 he served as Chairman of the Scientific Program for the annual ISHRS meeting. Dr. Rose serves on the Board of Governors of the ISHRS and is chairman of the Pro Bon Committee of the ISHRS. As of Dr. Rose is currently President of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

Dr. Rose has also been a faculty member at many workshops and has demonstrated the technique of follicular unit grafting. He has lectured on various topics such as hairline creation and backlighting. He has been involved in clinical research projects performed at the live surgery workshops and the data has been presented at ISHRS and European Society meetings. He has lectured for Pharmacia on the subjects of medical therapies for hair loss and the use of medications for hair loss in women. Dr. Rose is involved in basic science research studying the role of apoptosis in male pattern alopecia. Dr. Rose is recognized for developing the concept of backlighting and some of the devices used for this purpose.

Most recently Dr. Rose has been recognized for his work in developing the instrumentation for a procedure termed Follicular Isolation Technique. Using this technique, individual follicular units are isolated from the donor area leaving a minute wound that heals without leaving a scar visible to the naked eye. Patients who are interested in having a shaved head can utilize this technique without fear of having a linear scar, typical of strip harvesting.

Dr. Rose is also involved with the culturing of Dermal Papilla cells which can then be implanted into the scalp. These implanted cells could provide a source of growing hairs. The work is being done in association with a company named Intercytex. Preliminary work on mice using human dermal papilla cells has resulted in

Memberships & Affiliations: 

Society Memberships:
International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, President, Live Surgery Committee, Chairman Pro Bono Committee, CME Committee
American Academy of Dermatology, Diplomat
International Society of Cosmetic Laser Surgery, Board of Governors
Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians
European Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ESHR)
Italian Society of Hair Restoration (FSDDS)
American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS)
International Meso-Lipotherapy Society (IMLS)
International Society  of Cosmetic Laser Surgeons, Inc. (ISCLS)
Florida Society of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery (FSDDS), Board of Trustees

Academic Affiliations:
Dr Rose has served as an Assistant Clinical Professor, University of South Florida Department of Medicine, Division of Dermatology, Tampa, Florida

Publications & Presentations: 

Hair Transplant Surgery:

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Alpha –1 antitrypsin Pi types
Brooklyn Jewish Hospital,
Brooklyn, New York
New York Lung Association Research Grant 1975

Mechanisms of Differentiation and Heterochromatization in Mealy Bug Germinal Tissue
SUNY at Buffalo, Buffalo, New York 1977

T cell Migration Patterns in Lymph Node Post Capillary Venules
Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, New York
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Histamine Influence on T cells
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Selected for Student Elective at the National Institute of Health. Immunology Sectionternational Society of Hair
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April 2006 - FUE/FIT workshop in Denver Colorado.
At the course, directed by Dr James Harris, Dr Rose lectured on his approach to FIT (Follicular Isolation Technique) as well as problems and solutions associated with FIT and FUE. He demonstrated the technique and the use of various devices for FUE. Dr Rose assisted the participants in performing FIT/FUE on the volunteer patients.

March 2006 - Dr Rose participated in the Live Surgery Workshop sponsored by the ISHRS in Orlando, Florida. Dr Rose lectured on several topics including FIT, hairline design and his ledge closure technique to minimize the appearance of the donor scar. Dr Rose instructed in the surgical portion of the meeting and performed FIT and ledge closure.

“Achieving Success with Megagrafts – Follicular Unit Transplantation