Every woman’s hair loss story is different—some suffer hair loss genetically and require a more sophisticated surgery while others merely need to avoid complicated and harmful hair styles that put too much pressure on their hair and scalp.

Presented here are individual stories from women who are going through a hair procedure preformed by an ISHRS member.  The ISHRS does not endorse the medical procedures used in these stories but each example is informative, and taken together, provide a scope of services available to you.

ISRHS makes no warranties, representations or guarantees regarding the accuracy or sufficiency of the information provided and specifically disclaims any responsibility or liability in connection with the content or use of these stories.

See actual before and after photos and read their comments.

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  • I was diagnosed with a Dermatofibrous sarcoma (a self-contained malignant tumor) when I was 26 years old which had been growing on the back of my head since I was born.

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  • I was eighteen months of age and my Mom had put a pot of oil on a hotplate to cook some fries. Mom went to answer the phone and I reached up and pulled the boiling pot of oil onto my head.

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