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Anniversary by the numbers

We are celebrating our 20th anniversary in October as a professional society devoted to promoting the art and science of hair restoration.

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Making The Right Choice for Your Hair Loss Treatment

How to talk with a hair restoration doctor to get the most out of your hair loss treatment program.

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Managing Expectations After Your Hair Restoration Surgery

Managing expectations after your hair restoration surgery requires a sound fact-finding mission to best understand specific post surgical measures to anticipate to ensure a successful outcome.

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Your father's hair transplantation

Today’s hair transplantation technique is not your father’s hair replacement procedure.

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Over The Counter Medication Risks

Before you take the final step and schedule your hair restoration surgery, take a quick over-the-counter medication inventory and share the results with your surgeon.

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Reasons to Delay Your Hair Transplantation Surgery

Some young men with male-pattern baldness begin seeing their hair recede at an early age may be inclined to rush to begin the hair restoration process.

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If it's too good to be true

To help you weed through hair restoration product claims, we recommend you ask four questions before you buy.

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Hair Loss and The Hair Growth Cycle

It is important to understand the normal hair growth cycle to understand why hair loss occurs.

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Hair Loss Diagnosis and Analysis

A hair restoration doctor will conducts a scalp examination to determine the cause of hair loss.  Then a hair analysis laboratory test is performed if a hair shaft abnormality needs to be assessed.

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