Fellows of the ISHRS

Fellow of the ISHRS (FISHRS)                  

In 2012, the designation of Fellow was established in order to recognize members who met its exceptional educational criteria.

In order to be considered, the hair restoration surgeon must achieve a specific level of points in a system of various educational parameters such as serving in leadership positions, American Board of Hair Restoration (ABHRS) certification, writing of scientific papers, teaching at scientific programs, among others.

It is a great honor for a member to achieve the Fellow designation of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (FISHRS).  This recognizes the surgeon who strives for excellence in this specialized field.  To maintain this status, the surgeon must continue to meet established educational criteria over time.


Fellows of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (FISHRS)
As of September 12, 2015

Mohammed A. Abushawareb, MBChB, FISHRS

Gabriel H. Krenitsky, MD, FISHRS

Ji-sup Ahn, MD, PhD, FISHRS

Samuel M.Lam, MD, FISHRS

Bernardino A. Arocha, MD, FISHRS

Kongkiat Laorwong, MD, FISHRS

Marc R. Avram, MD, FISHRS

Young Ran Lee, MD, PhD, FISHRS

Jonathan L. Ballon, MD, FISHRS

Robert T. Leonard, Jr., DO, FISHRS

Fernando Basto Jr., MD, FISHRS

Bobby L. Limmer, MD, FISHRS

Michael L. Beehner, MD, FISHRS

Melvin L. Mayer, MD, FISHRS

Alan J. Bauman, MD, FISHRS

Paul J. McAndrews, MD, FISHRS

Robert M. Bernstein, MD, FISHRS

Parsa Mohebi, MD, FISHRS

Scott A. Boden, MD, FISHRS

Mohammmed Humayun Mohmand, MD, FISHRS

Pierre Bouhanna, MD, FISHRS

Venkataram N. Mysore, MD, FISHRS

Patricia Cahuzac, MD, FISHRS

Masahisa Nagai, MD, FISHRS

Timothy P. Carman, MD, FISHRS

Bertram M. Ng, MBBS, FISHRS

Ekrem Civas, MD, FISHRS

Ahmmed Adel Noreldin, MD, FISHRS

Ivan S.Cohen, MD, FISHRS

Bernard P. Nusbaum, MD, FISHRS

Paul C.Cotterill, MD, FISHRS

Peter J. Nyberg, MD, FISHRS

Marcio Crisostomo, MD, FISHRS

William M. Parsley, MD, FISHRS

Jean M.Devroye, MD, FISHRS

Damkerng Pathomvanich, MD, FISHRS

Mark S.DiStefano, MD, FISHRS

David Perez-Meza, MD, FISHRS

Jeff Donovan, MD, PhD, FISHRS

Carlos J. Puig, DO, FISHRS

Vance W. Elliott, MD, FISHRS

Rajendrasingh J. Rajput, MCh, FISHRS

Edwin S. Epstein, MD, FISHRS

Robert J. Reese, DO, FISHRS

Bessam K. Farjo, MBChB, FISHRS

Marino A. Rios, MD, FISHRS

Nilofer P. Farjo, MBChB, FISHRS

Nicole Rogers, MD, FISHRS

Cary Scott Feldman, MD, FISHRS

Paul T. Rose, MD, JD, FISHRS

Bijan Feriduni, MD, FISHRS

Daniel E. Rousso, MD, FISHRS

Shelly A. Friedman, DO, FISHRS

Marwan Saifi, MD, FISHRS

Steven P. Gabel, MD, FISHRS

John P. Schwinning, MD, FISHRS

Vincenzo Gambino, MD, FISHRS

Ronald L.Shapiro, MD, FISHRS

John D.Gillespie, MD, FISHRS

Tseng-Kuo Shiao, MD, FISHRS

Brian O. Goertz, MD, FISHRS

Paul M. Straub, MD, FISHRS

Aditya K.Gupta, MD, PhD, FISHRS

Edwin A. Suddleson, MD, FISHRS

Robert S.Haber, MD, FISHRS

James M.Swinehart, MD, FISHRS

James A.Harris, MD, FISHRS

Eileen Tan, MBBS, FISHRS

Sungjoo "Tommy" Hwang, MD, PhD, FISHRS

Robert H.True, MD, MPH, FISHRS

Kenichiro Imagawa, MD, FISHRS

Arthur Tykocinski, MD, FISHRS

Francisco Jimenez, MD, FISHRS

Martin G. Unger, MD, FISHRS (Emeritus)

Robert Jones, MD, FISHRS

James E.Vogel, MD, FISHRS

David S.Josephitis, DO, FISHRS

Kenneth J. Washenik, MD, PhD, FISHRS

Sheldon S.Kabaker, MD, FISHRS

Sara M. Wasserbauer, MD,FISHRS

A. Arthur Katona, MD, FISHRS

Gregory Williams, MBBS, FISHRS

Sharon A. Keene, MD, FISHRS

Ken L. Williams Jr., DO, FISHRS

Richard S.Keller, MD, FISHRS

Bradley R. Wolf, MD, FISHRS

Dae-Young Kim, MD, PhD, FISHRS


Russell Knudsen, MBBS, FISHRS

Kuniyoshi Yagyu, MD, FISHRS

Grant F.Koher, DO, FISHRS

Craig L. Ziering, DO, FISHRS

Jerzy R. Kolasinski, MD, PhD, FISHRS


Malgorzata Kolenda, MD, FISHRS



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