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Hair Transplants So Natural Your Stylist Won't Even Know

Dr. Edwin Epstein discusses how advancements and techniques in hair restoration has dramatically changed over the last 15 years. With follicular unit transplanting, doctors move natural occurring hair groupings into areas for natural hair growth.

Comments (0)POSTED BY: ISHRS DATE: 11.11.2013

VIDEO: Is Recovery From Hair Restoration Surgery Painful?

Typically hair restoration surgeries are relatively pain-free post surgery. Dr. Robert True talks about how to treat any potential discomfort or pain as a result of your hair restoration procedure.

Comments (0)POSTED BY: ISHRS DATE: 11.08.2013

VIDEO: Is There Such a Thing As Temporary Hair Loss?

Sometimes you lose your hair or shed hair for no reason or after pregnancy, general shock to your body such as surgery or a bad illness. Dr. Bernard Nusbaum talks about various causes for temporary hair loss and natural recovery.

Comments (0)POSTED BY: ISHRS DATE: 11.05.2013

VIDEO: Non-Medical & Medical Therapies That Can Help Reduce Hair Loss

Dr. Sharon Keene discusses non-medical over the counter supplements and prescribed medical therapies.

Comments (0)POSTED BY: ISHRS DATE: 10.30.2013

VIDEO: Show me your results!

Drs. Jennifer Martinick and Bernard Nusbaum explain how talking with a physician and asking to see the results of patients that have undergone hair restoration procedures is important. What was the patients' experience? Asking questions like these will help make your decision on whether you are comfortable proceeding with a particular physician.

Comments (0)POSTED BY: ISHRS DATE: 10.28.2013

VIDEO: Latest Innovations in Hair Restoration Treatments

The hair restoration industry has evolved significantly over the past 10-15 years. Dr. Robert True talks about the latest innovations and advancements in the field of hair restoration.

Comments (0)POSTED BY: ISHRS DATE: 10.25.2013

VIDEO: The Evolution of Hair Restoration

Hair restoration has come a long way and continues to innovate and improve over the years. On behalf of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), Dr. Paul Rose talks about how hair restoration has evolved and about the new baldness cures available to patients facing pattern baldness.

Comments (0)POSTED BY: ISHRS DATE: 10.23.2013

VIDEO: How to Choose a Hair Restoration Physician

Drs. Nusbaum and Washenick discuss important things to look for when choosing a hair restoration surgeon.  Finding a known, qualified and respected doctor who dedicates his practice and specializes in hair restoration surgery. Make sure the medical team is established and is familiar with the process.

Comments (0)POSTED BY: ISHRS DATE: 10.21.2013

VIDEO: The Emotional Toll of Traumatic Hair Loss

Dr. Jennifer Martinick discusses how youth, vitality and sexuality are all associated with healthy hair. When a patient loses their hair, whether it's a case of male baldness or female baldness, they feel robbed of those atributes. Hair transplantation can bring back self confidence!

Comments (0)POSTED BY: ISHRS DATE: 10.18.2013

VIDEO: Male and Female Pattern Baldness: Genetics, Stress & Hair Loss

Dr. Sharon Keene talks causes of Androgenic Alopecia.  After the Human Genome Project, it was discovered that just having a particular gene doesn't mean you will have that disease or carry a particular trait. Genes have to be active and the study of Epigenetics looks into those factors, many being environmental. 

Comments (0)POSTED BY: ISHRS DATE: 10.15.2013