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Hair Transplantation Brings Out the Best in You

Correction of hair loss has high public acceptance; it is not regarded as a "vanity" procedure but rather as a procedure that improves self-confidence as well as the way in which one is perceived by others.

Comments (0)POSTED BY: ISHRS DATE: 08.01.2004

Applying the "Gold Standard" to Remedies for Female Pattern Hair Loss

Using the "gold standard" criteria, very few of the claims for "miracle", "secret formula", "vitamin and mineral" and "herbal" hair restoration remedies are found to be based on valid evidence.

Comments (0)POSTED BY: ISHRS DATE: 06.01.2004

It's Okay to Say NO to Hair Loss & YES to Hair Restoration

The 21st Century man accepts hair restoration as a 'normal' response to a 'normal' effect of being a male.  Men don't have to live with a cosmetically unacceptable condition when science and medicine offer ways to eliminate it.

Comments (0)POSTED BY: ISHRS DATE: 04.01.2004

Psychological Effects of Hair Loss in Women

Women more than men have a significant psychological investment in their appearance, and are likely to react more negatively to events such as hair loss that they regard as changing their appearance for the worse.

Comments (0)POSTED BY: ISHRS DATE: 11.01.2003

Harvesting of Donor Hair for Hair Transplants

The donor site is the scalp area where the hair and follicles are removed. The recipient site is the scalp area where then the donor hair is transplanted and will then continue to grow and provide coverage where hair that was lost.

Comments (0)POSTED BY: ISHRS DATE: 10.01.2003

Hair Under the Microscope

Examining hair fibers with sophisticated chemical analysis and powerful microscopes, they discovered more about the complex structure of hair and more about the properties that differentiate hair into “ethnic” categories.

Comments (0)POSTED BY: ISHRS DATE: 09.01.2003

Finasteride and Prostate Cancer

The prevalence of prostate cancer in finasteride-treated men was reduced by 24.8% from the prevalence normally expected in men of this age and medical condition, indicating that finasteride 5mg (Proscar®) is effective in preventing or delaying the appearance of prostate cancer.

Comments (0)POSTED BY: ISHRS DATE: 08.01.2003

Hair Restoration - Progress & Evolution

Hair restoration surgery has grown with new developments in medical and surgical technology, and review of previous experience. It also evolves in response to changing expectations of patients regarding the “look” that they hope to achieve from hair transplantation.

Comments (0)POSTED BY: ISHRS DATE: 07.01.2003

Hair Follicle Origin

The path of hair follicle development begins in a group of stem cells that are nudged into different directions to become specialized cells of many different tissues and organs, including hair follicles.

Comments (0)POSTED BY: ISHRS DATE: 05.01.2003

Hair Restoration and Service Names

If you have been thinking about hair restoration, you have probably discovered that hair restoration, replacement and transplants are surgical procedurea marketed under many service-marked names.

Comments (0)POSTED BY: ISHRS DATE: 04.01.2003