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Red Flags – Misleading & Inappropriate Messaging

Understand misleading and inappropriate messaging that should be considered red flags when selecting a hair restoration surgeon.

Comments (0)POSTED BY: ISHRS DATE: 07.12.2018

Warning of Societies Unaffiliated with the ISHRS, Especially Those Permissive of the Unlicensed Practice of Medicine

We continue to hear of cases where hair restoration surgery patients were operated on and harmed by non-doctors. Preventing these occurrences is of paramount importance in our public education campaign.

Comments (0)POSTED BY: ISHRS DATE: 01.09.2018

Stand Proud, Be Loud

An increasing number of unlicensed personnel worldwide are performing substantial medical aspects of hair restoration surgery and, in doing so, are putting patients at risk.

Comments (0)POSTED BY: ISHRS DATE: 08.30.2017

Before You Choose a Surgeon

Before you make a final commitment for hair restoration surgery,  it’s a good idea to ask your hair restoration surgeon a lot of questions so you can have confidence in your decision.

Comments (0)POSTED BY: abusalacchi DATE: 02.02.2017

Consumer Alert / False Advertising

After months of researching hair restoration surgery, you've finally decided it is time to talk to a physician. But your research shouldn't stop there...

Comments (0)POSTED BY: ISHRS DATE: 01.18.2017

Seeking Patients to Enroll in Clinical Research Studies

The FUE Advancement Committee (FUEAC) of the ISHRS is promoting research to help define the “best practices” in the area of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and is seeking patient volunteers. 

Comments (0)POSTED BY: abusalacchi DATE: 01.18.2017


In the old days (think 1980s), there was no mistaking who had a hair transplant. The telltale corn row, doll hair, pluggy-looking hair transplants of yesteryear were -- believe it or not -- once considered state-of-the-art. But that was well before the evolution of hair transplantation. Over the last 20 years, hair restoration techniques have evolved considerably. These techniques have become so refined and results so natural-looking that most people cannot tell if someone has even had a hair transplant.

Comments (0)POSTED BY: ISHRS DATE: 08.08.2016

Medical Tourism: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

With the rise of the internet and globalization, the world is literally at our fingertips. Not only can we easily cross borders for leisure travel and tourism, it is possible to visit nearly any country to conduct business or to purchase goods and services.

Comments (0)POSTED BY: ISHRS DATE: 06.29.2016

Ask The Fellows

Ask The Fellows is a series in which unanswered clinical questions are answered by Fellows of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

Comments (0)POSTED BY: ISHRS DATE: 03.07.2016
Comments (0)POSTED BY: ISHRS DATE: 02.28.2016