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What is hair follicle?
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A hair follicle produces hair

Hair follicles are small living units in outer layer, epidermis, of our skin that produce hair. Each hair follicle contains an oil gland, hair root and blood supply. A hair follicle always produces one shaft of hair. Hair follicle are very sensitive to our health conditions. They are fast growing cells after bone marrow in our body. A single hairfollicle on head usually produces one centimeter long hair each month that contains several thousands of hair cells. A hair is made up of keratin, a protein type. Hair follicles are shifted from donor parts to bald parts during hair transplant procedures. They have three phases regarding their growth, anagen, catagen and telogen. 

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Hair Follicle is a structure

Hair Follicle is a structure or part of the skin from which hair grows.

Hair follicles are small sac

Hair follicles are small sac lined with skin cells.