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What are/were the biggest challenges you are facing?
Hi everybody, My name is Jenny and like many of you I spent years worried, depressed frustrated trying million different regimes and solutions to regrow my hair. And I see many people struggling with this problem everyday.   We are looking for solutions to make a whole regrowing hair journey easier so those who experience hair loss now do not need to be scammed, spend years finding the right solution or spending huge amounts of money.   LINK REMOVED BY ISHRS DUE TO VIOLATION OF HAIR LOSS DISCUSSION FORUM GUIDELINES
Wow, lovely to hear a success

Wow, lovely to hear a success story

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It is easy to treat hair loss

It is easy to treat hair loss after fixing its causing factors successfully.  Hair loss could be linked with several factors including our lifestyle, health conditions, habits, hairstyles, diet, age, stress, excessive use of hair care products, services and even some medications. It is not easy to find out the causing factors in few days. It actually requires patience and weeks of time to confirm the factors. 

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Hair Loss different reasons

Hair Loss different reasons like Stress Haromones Alopecia and vitamins best solution hair transplant regrow.

Hair Transplant in Dubai