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Complications in Hair Transplant procedure


I underwent hair restoration surgery for a third time carried out by a member of the ISHRS in a very reputed clinic.

But after the surgery the sutures gave away and I developed a 2" dia wound on two sides of my head where the sutures ended. My doctor explained to me that there was lack of blood circulation and some nervous disorder and he practically did not know how to handle the situation. I subsequently approached other specialists who adviced me on how to get the wound healed. I almost lost my life since there were sudden episodes of profuse bleeding and once I lost consciousness and could have lost my life if people were not available for first aid immediately.

But now the doctor does not take any responisbilty for this and does not even answer my emails or phone calls since I live in a different country.

Can I know what are my rights under such circumstances and how I can make the doctor liable for his lack of empathy, knowledge, care and medical ethics?

I would appreciate feedback from others in this regard.



Sorry to hear that MG

I think at least you should write his name to make sure he won't do the same mistake again and get away with it.


Latest procedure of hair

Latest procedure of hair transplant has no compilications  any person can know the compilications can please share the idea...

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Well I think it would be

Well I think it would be beneficial for you to take guidance of an expert as they would be able to guide you in the right direction.

In my opinion, hair transplant is legitimate, if it is performed by an experienced surgeon. Well every technique has its own drawbacks and benefits; it takes some time to gain desirable result.

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It is a shame that you got a complication from your procedure.  It is extremely unlikely that such a complication occurs in this procedure, but uncommonly, it can.  The most important aspect of your story is that you are safe and that you got the problem resolved.

It is very disappointing that your doctor is not responding to your inquiries.  

Some very important questions to be asked are:

1.  How well did you research this particular surgeon as far as his surgical skills with this procedure?

2.  Does he specialize soley in hair transplant surgery?

3.  Why did you travel to another country to have this performed by this particular doctor?  For his experience and reputation or for his low fees?


The ISHRS, indeed, has a process by which a patient or colleague can begin an inquiry through its Ethics Committee.  Please refer to the process on the ISHRS website.  All complaints must be in writing and sent to the Executive Director  at the Society's headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Best of luck!


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complications Hair transplant

Dear MG

Complications hapens, and the doctors should acept and understand, ask for help, the best for the pacient, always be close to the pacient.

Hair Transplant Downside


There's a lot of downsides to getting a HT. 

If you do not go with the best you could have white dot scarring, depleted donor due to poor extraction, cobblestoning in the recipient, depressions in the recipient, hairs going off in all different directions, poor growth, unnatural looking result, end up becoming a repair patient with little to no donor left to get you back to normal.

Thanks for sharing hair

Thanks for sharing hair transplant complications.....

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