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FUE vs. Strip Hair Transplant

There has been a hot debate for many years about FUE vs. Strip hair transpalnt.  Many doctors have their own strong point of view about one versus the other procedure.  Patients complained to me that at times they find contraversial information in online sources about the pros and cons of FUE vs. Strip hair transplantation also.  

It would be interesting to open the subject here in this professional forum and see:

  1. How doctors define the candidacy of their patients for each procedures.  
  2. What patients feel about each of these procedures and what is their underestanding of the best hair restoration option for them.
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Great suggestion!

Thanks for the suggestion Dr. Mohebi. Anxious to see what others think about this overall subject and your specific suggested topics.

Matt Batt
Integrated Communications Manager

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Non-medical consultants?

In my opinion, the controversial information is mainly coming from non-medical consultants and non-medical clinic owners as a selling factor. Do we really have treatments, which leave no scars or patients who have absolutely NO pain during or after the treatment? Of cause, there are these rare patients with no scaring or patients having not the slightest pain, but is this the majority of our patients? Sometimes I do wonder that there are no solicitors taking those doctors / clinics to court telling these stupid lies. Can we call it misleading the patient? Every proper trained doctor or surgeon does know the pros and cons of a surgery and so he / she should be the only one consenting patients.

Both methods are great and sometimes even a combination of both methods on the same client in the same treatment is ideal.

We should listen to our patient's concerns and decide what is best for them.

Re:FUE vs. Strip Hair Transplant

The main difference between the FUE hair transplantation and strip surgery is in the way donor-hair is obtained. Generally FUE hair transplant gives greater customer satisfaction as well as recovery. So I will definitely go with FUE hair transplant.
If you decided to go with FUE then back look of your head looks like a Natural and in case of strip surgery  it looks like a Scarring. However FUE surgery is much more expensive than the strip surgery.


Fue strip method is the

Fue strip method is the lastest technique of hair transplant and head is look like natural......

Hair Transplant in Pakistan

great post very use full

great post very use full information

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Follicular Unit Extraction

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) differs from a Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) mainly in the way that the donor hair is harvested. In FUE, small punches are made into the donor site and hair grafts are taken out, as opposed to a strip in FUT surgery. This offers an attractive alternative to patients who do not want to have stitches for their hair transplantation.

I like the suggestion on asking patients opinion about each of these procedures and what are their understanding of the best hair restoration option for them.

Dr Tyng Tan
The Hair and Laser Clinic Singapore
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thanks for sharing wonderful

thanks for sharing wonderful information..

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Hair Transplant in Pakistan

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FUE hair transplant

A good discussion, I'm sure we can all learn something useful here.


Trasplante Capilar Madrid

Dr Peter Griffiths BA(Hons) MBBS MSc

FUE Hair Transplant Surgeon, Madrid, Spain


Strip v/s FUE

A good topic to discuss.

Basically both the techniques are good & both of them produce scarring a long linear or thousands of tiny dots. Basics of wound healing- " Once the wound is beyond the epidermis it is going to leave a scar"!!

Pain: Both of them have pain. Pain depends on the psyche of the person/patient . More the bombarding that there will be no/less pain in FUE many times patients expect almost no pain & hen get frustated that there is pain. Moreover if the operating surgeon is a begginer in FUE then there will be lots of positional problems adding up the pain of the patient. While in strip these problem will not be there[atleast for surgeons]. 

Graft quality : Both the technique can yield best quality in experience hands.On an average the average number of hairs/unit is more in strip than FUE if cherry picking is not done. Grafts have less fatty tissue surrounding the bulbs & fraying of bulbs are common. This might make the implantation little bit difficult than properly cut strip grafts. Again in Strip- you are dependent on the technicians-if well trained then very good grafts . The problems with the technicians are- difficulties in retaining them if you don't have enough work. Probaly this is a major factor people are opting for FUE more!

Even today Strip is considered as a Gold Standad. That itself is enough to indicate which is better. But in our practice "all other factors count". So depending upon the all other factors we choose the technique.

For baldness grade >5 [ or very strong family history of >5 grade of Baldness] I usually do strip or Strip + FUE. Other patients are given a choice to choose their technique/s.

Dr. Pradip Atodaria 


Dr. Pradip Atodaria

                M.S., M.Ch. 

Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon,

Surat, Gujarat, India


Strip v/s FUE

nice informative sharing thank you........

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FUE Hair Transplant is the

FUE Hair Transplant is the surgical procedure hair transfer to donor area to bald and easily recovered both sides but FUT is surgical painful procedure patient satisfy to FUE Hair Transplant.

Hair transplant in Pakistan

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Not the Forum for Self Promotion or Any Promotion


The ISHRS DISCUSSION FORUM  is NOT and advertising venue for self promotion or promotion of an individual doctor or clinic.

This, for some reason, is seen as proper by many who are active on the Forum--particularly from India and Pakistan.  

Can you please explain this to me?


Thank you.

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FUT hair transplant old

FUT hair transplant old procedure and many patient are not interested in this treatment remove the strip from donor area transplanted bald area and FUE Hair Transplant no need any strip hair remove donor area and transfer bald area your hairline looking as a natural both procedure are surgcial mostly patient prefer fue painless procedure.

FUE Hair Transplant move hair

FUE Hair Transplant move hair donor site of the head implants hair graft bald area of the head and Fut strip remove back site of the head hair trasnplant bald area of the head. My opinion fue proceudre more better to other procedure.



FUE hair transplants are best treatment for baldness

FUE hair transplants are best treatment for baldness,. Patients with hair loss generally go happy with these treatments. Thses treatment never form scars on graft donor parts.  

Great post and it helps to

Great post and it helps to all forum members to those who want to know about FUE.