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Why choose Bio Hair products?
You must be asking yourself, Why should I use the BioHair Treatment System? But First You Need to Know   There are 3 factors crucial to successful hair regrowth:  
  1. Vibration to Increase Blood Flow
  2. Laser Light to Deliver Nutrients to Cells
  3. Cleanser to Remove DHT & Toxins
Hair growth may only be seen in certain areas of the scalp and discontinuation of use can lead to a devastatingly quick resurgence of hair loss. BioHair Treatment ispecially designed to remove DHT & toxins, increase blood flow, and deliver nutrients to cells. We’ve targeted everything your body needs for hair regrowth and integrated those factors into one amazing hair loss treatment system.


Is it BioHair Treatment System one of natural treatment ?

Could you classified that the BioHair Treatment System one of the natural hair loss treatment?

Other question, this question out of discussion, but I  curious to know your point of view. The question is: What do you think about a lot of ebook release online now regarding on solution of hair loss? It is worth to get it or not? For example this review ebook product: naturalhairlosstreatmentguided.blogspot.com/p/review-product.html

Thank in advance for your respond

User on Internet that are led to wrong information by spammy websites. We wish to provide a trusted opinion regarding different products on natural hair loss.


I have use bio hair products

I have use bio hair products because it has no side effect.

i am also used bio hair

i am also used bio hair products and thanks for this suggestion.......

People usually prefer Bio

People usually prefer Bio hair products for their hair.. These products provide naturally healthy hair without any side effects.. Also they provide faster growth and their results  are also long term...My stylist suggest me to use Kadi hair product .

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Bio hari product are more

Bio hari product are more helpful for control hair loss.

Hair Transplant in Dubai

Bio Hair or another?

First of all, thank you for this forum.
Second of all, my biggest concern: loosing my hair.
I already tried minoxidil and finasteride. Minoxidil I had an allergic reaction. Very itchy, redness, all those side effects. I also tried finasteride and had some problems with the side effects too.
I have already made two hair transplantations on FUE method here in Portugal.
I am quite satisfied. The thing is that my donor part is getting hard to collect a third attempt for hair transplantation. I only have on my "bald" area mainly the transplantated hair from the donor area. So you can image that I still look bald again :(
Ohh, I am 38 yearsd old, I made my first hair transplant in January 2008 and again on May 2011.
I would consider to transplantaion from other sides of the body but is not the same kind of hair/folicles (I apologise of my english)
My last attempt is LLLT!
I would love that you could be honest with me and tell me if it is really effective?
I do not want to know what you have heard. I want to know about facts. yes it works or no it doesn't. work. Period!
It's time to open Pandora's box for good.
My wish is to have more hair but I do not want to believe or desbelieve everytime I open another internet page saying that it works and another that it doesn't.
If there are really people having results, I would like to know if it is true. I've tried so many forums, sites, and there are antogonistic answers...

The LLLT equipments that I can see on sites all of them say is FDA (510k) approved. But that doesn't mean it works. At least is not harmful, that's my line of thinking.
If you had a family member that was planning to try LLLT, what would you really do?

I have another concern: I tried to attempt to buy Biohair, just to see if is complicated the steps on buying it, but sadly, that equipment is not sent to Europe, Portugal. If this is a effective device, how can I get it?

And for that reason, I would like to know which "using at home" device is better according to what there is on the market.
Can you really help me?!?!?!?!
I have big "ego" issues about being bald. I practically come to your website since 2009...funny is that several months before I made my first hair transplantation, and I saw on your brochure and contacts, that the clinic where I made the surgery, was the one mentioned (at that time) on your website, so you are trustworthy!
That is why I keep coming back to your site wondering when there will be bombastic news about hair regrowth, or cloning, or whatever. Whatever makes my hair grow back or "cloned-multiplied"...
I even do not mind to be one of the "mise labs" for experiments, as long as it helps me on this issue.
Ok, enough with my concerns, I really hope to hear from you very soon.
looking forward to see if LLLT is reliable and which device you can guide me...
Thank you for your comprehension.


Modern hair transplantation

Modern hair transplantation allows patients to look and feel their absolute best by filling in thinning spots on their scalps with their own healthy, naturally growing hair.



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