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Curly hair?

I have heat damaged curly hair so I cut it and my curls went sort of back to normal but I recently curled my hair with heat obviously and they're curly from the roots and straight from the ends again. Is there any products I can use that will get my hair to look more curly? Will I need to cut it again or what other things can I do?


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Want to grow healthy curly

Want to grow healthy curly tresses? Well in this short article I will show you a few tips to help you grow a curly long mane

The first step is to assess the condition of your locks. Does your mane look healthy? Is it shiny and smooth? Is it showing signs of damage from heat, sun or coloring? If it is damaged you may not really want to grow out that hair without trying to repair some of the damage done. If you notice split ends that are thin and dry, get them trimmed to remove as much of the damage as possible. Cutting the split ends will not slow down the growth of your tresses as hair grows from the roots, but it will help your locks look better.

Take a deep honest look at your current health and lifestyle. What is your diet like? Do you take enough vitamins and proteins? Do you exercise and also get enough sleep? What is your stress level? If you find your body is lacking in good health and good habits, your mane will lack as well. Your tresses grow the best when you and your body are at your healthiest.

When you are styling your hair, do not over brush it and never use a bristle brush. These two can tear and damage your mane. There is an exception however in Boar bristle brushes which can be good for your hair as they help to keep your tresses clean, stimulate the scalp and helps distributes the hairs natural oils for a healthy, glossy look.

Also, never brush your locks when it is wet; wet hair is incredibly elastic and prone to breakage. In order to de-tangle your locks either use your fingers or a wide tooth comb.

If you want to encourage your mane to grow you should never over wash your hair. This is true because your scalp produces oils that are beneficial to encouraging curly hair growth and when you wash it you are taking away these oils. If you do wash it every day, try skipping a day and maybe only use conditioner one day instead of with shampoo.

If you have oily hair it might be necessary to wash your tresses every day, but for normal hair 3-4 times a week is enough. If you have dry tresses, only wash it 1-2 a week to keep it from drying out more. Curly hair can be washed as little as once a week to even once every two weeks since it tends to be dry.

Curly hair growth can be encouraged by picking a shampoo, use one that is right for your hair type - for example if you have dry frizzy hair, do not use a shampoo designed for oily tresses. For conditioning purposes why not look into a leave on conditioner? Even adding hot oil treatments can make your hair feel silkier. If you are unsure of what to use, check out your local beauty salon and ask for their opinion and they also have many options available; make sure you read the instructions beforehand.

To allow curly hair growth stay away from coloring your mane. If you color your hair, try cutting back on it as it will lead to damage. If you feel you absolutely must color your hair, try looking into the newer dyes which offer more moisture protection while dying. If you wish to dye your hair a shade of red - look into henna based dye; for black a dye with henna and indigo would be the best choice.

For damaged tresses, wear your hair in protective styles like French twists or buns that keep the hair up and protect it from environmental damage. Some other examples of this type of style would be braids, pony tails, plaits, cornrows and even French braids. They are the most effective for people with hair above their shoulders as hair tends to rub against clothes; but use them loosely as you do not want to pull on your scalp.

To encourage Curly hair growth, never wear tight hairstyles or use tools that pull or tug at the locks. If you pull back your hair make sure you use smooth bands and clips only. Avoid metal clips that will tangle and break your hair and never use bare rubber bands or elastic bands and even hair bands that have metal connections.

Another point you should bare in mind is that you avoid using excessive hot water when washing your locks. This also applies to using heating tools like hot blow dryers and curling irons. If you use a hair dryer invest in a diffuser to protect your hair. Also try to contact with the exert of hair loss treatment in India.

you should try the coconut

you should try the coconut oil and also use Dove shampoo for it....

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Curly hairs

There are many lotions available in the market for making your hair Curly. You can the reliable brand.

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i am not familiar with any products that cause the hair to curl.  Certainly a hairdresser can perform a permanent procedure cuasing hair to curl.  This is a process where tiny rolloers curl the hair and then a solution is used to create longevity of the curl.

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Curly Hair

There are many products available in the market for curly hair like lotion gels etc.

You can approch hair salon

You can approch hair salon there you can get solutions and some tips also.

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There are many lotion and

There are many lotion and spray  available in the market for curly hair.