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Beard hair transplant

Beard hair transplant is very useful for people who have hair loss on their beard.

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Any hair loss on beard

Any hair loss on beard due to injuries, medical stiches, scars etc could be successfully treated under beard hair loss in men. Hair grafts from posterior scalp are usually used for this purpose. Beard reconstruction is performed to make beautiful beard. 

is taking FUE from beard to hair transplant safe
Hello, I met with a hair restoration physician for hair transplantation consultation, he told me that he will need to take hair follicles from donor area from the back area and beard, because its not enough. Is it safe and okay that the surgeon takes from the beard and plants on the head

Hameed Ayoub

The very best area from which

The very best area from which to harvest hair for transplantation of the scalp is from the occipital region of the scalp.  If there is inadequate donor area to provide the results tha patient is looking to achieve, sometimes hairs from other parts of the body will be useful, including the beard area.  These hairs have different characteristics than scalp hair including their hair growth cycle, the coarsness of the hair, the curl of the hair, etc.

Sometimes, it is best NOT TO TRANSPLANT AT ALL if the patient's realistic expectation of results cannot be met.  FIRST DO NO HARM.

Yes it is safe and effective

Yes it is safe and effective treatment also, by taking this surgery it will help to bald hair people.

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Beard hair grafts are useful to transplant on head

Yes, beard hair grafts are useful to transplant on head. Beard hair grafts are more potent than normal hairs on scalp. 

beard grafts

What are beard grafts????

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Beard hair grafts

Beard hair grafts are those hair grafts that are extracted from beard by FUE, generally lower parts of beard behind chin.

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Nice Post about beard hair

Nice Post about beard hair transplant most helpful for me other people and thanks Dr Walia MD.

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