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Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

This type of hair restoration has a unique foot hold in this industry. Just to keep things simple yet complex the original FUE was using a very large circular punch to remove a group of follicles... that being several groups of follicular units (simple)... from the donor area. This old school technology was used in the 1990's.

Fast forward to to 2000... the circular punch size was drastically reduced... to encompass a single follicular unit (complex). FUE is a revamped technology. An analogy would be comparing a neanderthal man to the homo sapien.

The average punch size of the old school punch sizes was around 4.0mm in size. The average punch size of todays FUE is around 1.0mm or smaller. 

Let's discuss this!

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It is less invasive hair transplant technique

FUE is a less invasive hair transplant technique. There is no need of taking a strip of skin from donor parts of an individual of graft collection. It is being very popular among surgeons and patients as well. No bleeding takes place during it and surgical stitches are also not required at donor parts.

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FUE Hair Transplant latest
FUE Hair Transplant latest procedure hair transfer donor area to bald no need any stitches and painless procedure no bleeding during surgery.
I have heard that it can be

I have heard that it can be very painful and traumatic, thats what stopped me :S

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FUE Hair Transplant painless
FUE Hair Transplant painless procedure as compared FUT painful procedure and bleeding during surgery.
FUE hair transplant no need

FUE hair transplant no need any strip stitches hair move back site of the head implanting hair graft balding site of the head.