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Great to have a forum in ISHRS website

It is nice to have a forum for ISHRS website where doctors and hair loss patients can communicate.

I hope it can help inform the patients about hair restoration methods more effectively.

Thank You,

Parsa Mohebi, MD
US Hair Restoration
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Glad you like it!

We're glad you like it Dr. Mohebi! Ideally this is a platform where consumers as well as experienced hair restoration professionals can communicate.

Thanks for joining us here!

Matt Batt, Integrated Communications Manager

Matt Batt
Integrated Communications Manager

Hi there,

Hi there,

I also like this forum. It’s a good platform to share individual experiences and useful information as well. I think it would be good to share your problem personally with an expert as he would be able to suitably guide you.

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i like it this forum think is

i like it this forum think is very good platform for sharing individual information for different things is useful for other persons...

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A step ahead...

It's been great to have such a forum for the reputable organization, to interact more, and to provide more information........ Good Luck

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I appreciate your adding discussion forum in ISHRS site

I really appreciate your starting this discussion forum. New ideas through experience of surgeons and patient with hair loss would come up ahead to rectify the techniques for advancement. It would be useful for discussion and information. It is very useful for humanity. You have done the best for people living worldwide.

Best wishes from me to all forum members!


Dr D.S. Walia

Walia Hospital

Ludhiana Punjab India



I totally agree, I have found

I totally agree, I have found this forum really helpful :-)


Yes it truly is a use full forum really helpful and teaching..

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Thanks Dr. Mohebi have great

Thanks Dr. Mohebi have great idea disscussion forum different persons dicuss on other matters and more harmful for users and i am appreicate you.


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Normally, men are more

Normally, men are more genetically predisposed to hair loss. In terms of women hair loss is seen as a problem not be used. If women encounter this problem, it is a known fact that the more they are affected by hair loss. Unlike men than in women, alopecia, hair is retained within the front side, but flows into the hair in the back. In men, hair loss starts from the front side and the back side is usually protected hair. However, in some individuals caused by genetic factors also it can be seen in all the balding scalp. Women and the cause of hair loss in men is different in this way, the effect of hair loss in men who are due to less than 5 alpha-reductase enzyme called women's body structure.

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