Your Hair Restoration Surgeon in Five Questions

Five questions you must answer about your hair restoration surgeon.

Most of us pick a doctor from a list of networked physicians our employers provide.  Some of us rely on word of mouth from friends and family.   Fewer patients seek out the answers to crucial questions before they decide on a doctor.  When it comes to selecting a hair restoration surgeon, you don’t want to just rely on a list of doctors or advice from your uncle do you?   Finding the answers to these five questions will put you in a far better position to make the right choice on hair restoration surgeons:

  1. Is the doctor board certified in a surgical medical specialty?  In our case, board certification in any discipline does not make for a more competent hair restoration surgeon.  Board certification means the doctor has gone through additional training and undergone a rigorous test that separates skilled, committed and professional doctors from the rest of the field.  
  2. How many hair restoration surgeries and procedures has the doctor performed?  Research has shown, time and again, across several medical disciplines that the more procedures a doctor performs, the better the outcomes.
  3. Is hair restoration surgery the only area the doctor specializes in or is it a minor part of the his or her practice?  
  4. After the consultation, do you feel comfortable with the physician?  Did he or she answer all your questions?   Was the doctor open to other treatment options?  Were the fees involved clearly discussed?
  5. Finally, did you visit Our Find a Doctor section before you selected a doctor? ISHRS is an excellent source for you to get a lot of information quickly on doctors near you. 

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