Your father's hair transplantation

Not Your Father's Hair Replacement Procedure

Does hair transplantation really work?  Won’t my hair look like summer rows of corn?
Today’s hair transplantation technique is not your father’s hair replacement procedure.  Today’s highly trained and up-to-date surgeons, using a combination of artistry and technology, can recreate hairlines and crown coverage in a manner that truly defies detection.   
Today, transplanted hair is removed from one area of the body (donor site) and transferred to another (recipient site). The transferred hair is not rejected because it is autologous in nature, much like self-donated blood before a surgery to ensure 1-1 match.
Transplanted hair maintains its own characteristics, color, texture, growth rate and curl.  The vitality of the grafted follicles is maintained by the rich blood supply to the scalp.  These grafts are far different than the ‘plugs’ that were commonly used in the 70s and 80s.  
Surgeons who are members of ISHRS have at their disposal new techniques that allow them to achieve truly natural results by transplanting large numbers of small grafts very close together.  Our members have found that hair grows from the scalp in groups of one, two or three follicles, allowing surgeons to transfer these follicular units to the areas of thinning or baldness.  
So put down your preconceived notions of hair transplantation and pick up your hair brush—you are going to need it!

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