Wes Welker

Wes Welker talks Hair Restoration Surgery

Is Wes Welker the spokesman we have been looking for?
That boisterous cheer you heard last week was in response to the news that New England Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker publicly discussed his hair restoration surgery. No less a sports authority than ESPN.com opined about this most welcome news in a column by Jemele Hill.  It was gratifying to read that Welker sought out ISHRS member Dr. Robert Leonard.
Balding men been consistently depicted  by popular media as bumbling and less than masculine.  For every Telly Savalas, there are several small-minded Mel Cooley’s (Dick Van Dyke’s boss).  For every Michael Jordan there are more Lex Luthers, as ESPN.com points out.  And while we are at it, why the need to call an extreme fib a “bald face lie? “ But we digress…
So, if we hair-challenged men are up for a small celebration, let us have it and let’s hope Welker’s announcement leads to more athletes ‘coming out’ of the hair restoration closet!
Let’s hope that Welker’s experience is positive and he embodies what true hair restoration surgery ought to be:  a viable and non stigmatized lifestyle choice that can be made free of snickering and second guessing.  We take it as a good sign that he thinks so highly of Dr. Leonard and the procedure that he has signed on as a spokesperson for the good doctor’s practice.
What do you think about Welker’s openness about his hair loss? How will it affect your decision to talk openly about your plans to seek hair restoration surgery?

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