Hair Surgery Expectations

Managing Expectations

Hair restoration:  surgeon and patient must play expectations game.

At the beginning of every sports season, fans have high expectations for their favorite teams.  However, even among different fans, expectations vary.  A team full of high priced free agents raises expectations and puts pressure on the team to deliver.  Meanwhile, a team of rookies during a rebuilding year forces the fan base to focus on the future, overlooking current struggles.
So it is with hair restoration surgery—it’s a game of expectations.  Many patients seek hair restoration to avoid an appearance and feeling of premature aging or to restore self-confidence they want as hair thins.  Other men may have more or less ambitious expectations and hope for their surgery.  The key, however, is to make sure you and your surgeon are on the same page to determine if the surgery or medical approach can deliver on your expectations.  
To help ensure this, tell your hair restoration surgeon all your reasons why you desire for surgery.  He or she will tell you if your age, current medication use, history of previous attempts at hair restoration, your health and costs are a factor in achieving your desired results.
Tell us, what are your expectations?

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