Hair Loss & Innovations - Cutting Edge Research - Part 1

Advances in hair restoration: the state of hair restoration research today


As with any medical field of practice, innovation continues to drive results. So what is happening in the hair restoration research field? One area that continues to be growing is with ongoing research and testing in the area of genetics. “Clock Controlled” genes, for example, have been found in the normal hair cycle but to date, no findings yet on how to “turn off/on” the clock to help in genetic hair loss.

The latest procedures most surgeons are performing are FUE and FUT. Most recent, Cell Therapy where by activating already existing stem cells on the scalp can improve follicular hair growth. This is still in research testing but very hopeful. 

Several new and exciting procedures in the hair restoration research pipeline for patients are things like Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) where patients’ donor blood is taken and PRP is pulled containing rich growth factors. It is then injected into the scalp to enhance hair growth.

Carboxy Therapy and Mesotherapy both are procedures were injections are made into the scalp to stimulate hair growth factors and blood circulation. Also, Derma Rollers that hopes to trigger human growth hormones by a micro needling process.

All of these procedures are still in testing with no clear evidence they are working just yet.

A non-surgical treatment being tested currently is a new drug called Bimatoprost (a prostaglandin receptor stimulator). This is not yet published so side effects and success rates are not yet known.

What is working is the technological advancement of robotic assistance devices such as the Artas, which is used for graft harvesting. The new developments with this technology means that soon recipient sites can be made with a robot and perhaps in the future, graft placement.

Also low level laser light has been shown to provide results in those patients where they are in the stage of thinning hair and not yet completely bald.

Read more about the recent advances in hair restoration in our Part 2 of “Hair Loss & Innovations” series May 2014.


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