Celebrity Hair Loss

Celebrity Hair Loss

Perhaps no where else in the world is one's appearance tied to their profession quite like Hollywood. And for male and female celebrities, the right hairstyles can shape careers and set the latest trends. Remember the "Rachel" haircut on Friends made famous by Jennifer Aniston or Don Johnson's slick-back look from Miami Vice? These popular hairstyles sent thrones of fans to hair salons in search of these mod locks.

But while glamorous hair is common among Hollywood's elite, some celebrities are making headlines for their lack of hair - mainly thinning hair and receding hairlines. Even some young, A-list actors - we won't name names, but you know who they are - seem to be losing their hair in areas typical of male pattern hair loss (see About Your Hair Loss), the most common form of genetically predisposed hair loss in men.

So what's an actor to do if he notices more hair in his comb and less on his head lately? Actually, the same thing anyone should do - consult a physician specially trained in hair restoration (see Finding a Hair Restoration Doctor) for the latest treatment options for all types of hair loss.

When it comes to hair loss, celebrities are just like everyone else in that they value their hair and are concerned when they lose it. The difference though is that in their line of work, their appearance is vital to their earning potential. So any flaw, such as hair loss, is magnified for celebrities and almost forces them to seek treatment.

Even people not in the spotlight report being concerned about how hair loss could impact their careers. A recent consumer survey commissioned by the ISHRS found that 77% of adults polled said they would be very or somewhat concerned if they were in their twenties and just starting out in their careers and experienced unexplained, noticeable hair loss.

Fortunately, recent scientific breakthroughs have made hair restoration an option for almost everyone (see Surgical Hair Restoration and Medical Hair Restoration). In fact, today's hair restoration surgery safely and effectively creates natural-looking, permanent results that are virtually undetectable. A big plus for anyone, but especially for those in the public eye.

While rumors abound about celebrities who reportedly have sought treatment for hair loss, cosmetic surgery is still a "don't ask, don't tell" topic in Hollywood. However, some celebrities and public figures are coming forward and speaking about their hair restoration. Most notably, American baseball hall of famer Wade Boggs and former Major League Baseball player Joe Niekro count themselves among the thousands of successful hair transplant patients treated every year. In Europe, British celebrity Shaun Williamson - a popular character who played on the BBC television soap Eastenders - has spoken publicly about his follicular unit hair restoration (see Glossary of Hair Restoration Procedures and Terms), and UK rock star Francis Rossi and the Prime Minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi, admitted to having had a hair transplant.

The good news is that cosmetic surgery has evolved and is no longer reserved only for celebrities. Now, hair transplant patients can be treated and back to work in a couple of days without spending weeks of their vacation time healing after surgery. Performed by the right physician, surgical hair restoration can consistently produce natural-looking results.

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