CBC News mentions ISHRS in beard transplant story

This week, the ISHRS was highlighted in the CBC News discussing the latest trend in Hair Restoration Surgery, Beard transplants.

Society is changing its way and beards are far more acceptable now.  It’s a sign of masculinity.  There are many reasons patients are seeking beard transplantation. For some it could be because their hair grows in patchy or for others not at all.  Some come wanting an even a fuller look to their beard.  What ever the reason, it says something about you, your personality.

Facial hair transplants have been on the rise over the last 3 years, growing over 9.5% between 2010-2012. The ISHRS’ recent census showed this procedure was most popular in Asia (1,904) and U.S. (1,315) and Middle East (1,017) just behind.  These numbers are sure to rise in the future.

The procedure can take only a few hours up to a full day depending on the number of “grafts” or follicles transplanted.  Patients are under local anesthetic with very minimal side affects. 

With the cultural thumbs up on facial hair and the success of modern technology in hair restoration surgery, beard transplants are now possible!


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