If it's too good to be true

To help you weed through hair restoration product claims, we recommend you ask four questions before you buy.

Do-It-Yourself Hair Loss Treatments

If you have been using an over-the-counter hair restoration treatment that “guarantees” to stop hair loss and stimulate growth, you need to know about the direct-to-consumer products that promise to stop hair loss and stimulate growth of new hair.

Hairpieces, Hair Weaves and Extensions

For candidates who temporarily or permanently unable to grow hair and therefore not candidates for transplantation or want to avoid any type of surgical procedure, the answer may be nonsurgical hair addition or replacement.

Hair Restoration Medications: A Summary at a Glance

The gold standard for making a choice is approval of a product by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), for use in treating hair loss.  The most effective use of hair restoration medication is under the supervision of a physician hair restoration specialist.

Good Nutrition: Essential for Keeping Hair Healthy after Hair Transplantation

Well-balanced dietary intake is essential for cells in hair follicles that produce hair and cycle hair through its anagen-telogen-catagen phases. A diet that is severely deficient in essential nutrients, or deficient in essential nutrients over an extended period of time, can cause malfunction in cells, including the cells in hair follicles.


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