Thanks for your interest in the ISHRS 2015 Annual Scientific Meeting! We will be posting LIVE coverage of the meeting highlighting the top sessions, speakers and topics throughout the week. 

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Here are some links to press releases that might be relevant to both consumers, physicians and media:

ISHRS 2015 Annual Meeting Release

ISHRS 2015 Practice Census (NEW Research)

Enjoy the coverage!

2015 Annual Meeting Coverage

Workshop Summaries - Beards and Camouflaging

The ISHRS 23rd Annual Scientific Meeting has so many sessions and workshops. This brief summarizes the workshops you may have missed or didn’t have the opportunity to attend on Friday, September 11 including “Bear Reconstruction & Harvesting” and “Camouflaging and Ancillary Methods for Hair Restoration” 

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The Importance of Hairline Design & Planning

Whenever considering hair restoration, a patient must have a physician with experience and results designing natural-looking hairlines. There are several ways to assess a physicians expertise and creativity in creating natural hairlines

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Managing the Young Patient - What are the Best Practices?

Physicians are seeing more and more young patients losing hair as early as 17 or 18 years of age. Self-esteem and peer pressure is an issue for this age patient. Looking for rapid results, which can be a challenge for physicians to manage expectations.

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Hair Follicle Stem Cells - The Future of Hair Restoration?

Hair follicle regeneration has been a topic of conversation for the past several years as the study of stem cells has advanced across many areas of health care industries. Valerie Horsley, Maxine F. Singer Associate Professor of Molecular Cellular & Development Biology and Dermatology, Yale University presented to ISHRS members today about advancements in hari follicle stem cell research.

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Hair Biology, Graft Survival and Why Patients Should Care

Understanding the biology of hair is critical as physicians and scientists consider new hair loss therapies and treatments. For consumers, this means the opportunity to treat various stages of hair loss in advance of and during hair restoration surgery.

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