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The ISHRS is a global non-profit medical association and the leading authority on hair loss treatment and restoration with more than 1,100 members throughout 70 countries worldwide. The ISHRS provides continuing medical education to physicians specializing in hair transplant surgery and is committed to delivering the latest information on medical and surgical treatments to consumers suffering from hair loss, and most commonly from androgenetic alopecia – male pattern baldness and female pattern hair loss.

About the ISHRS


We are seeing an increasing number of patients seeking help from our physician members, asking them to correct mistakes of individuals who are not properly trained to perform hair transplants. If you are considering hair restoration surgery, it is important to find a qualified surgeon who has proper training, experience and certifications.

When performed by trained physicians, today’s hair restoration surgery safely and effectively creates natural-looking, permanent results that are virtually undetectable. However, major complications – even life-threatening ones – can occur during surgeries by an unlicensed personnel.

So be prepared. Review this list of questions to bring to your consultation appointment:

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